Madavoor C.M Valiyullahi Makham Orphanage ( CMMO ) was established in the year 1997 under the C.M.M Orphanage Committee and this orphanage is being run remarkably well by the grace of God. The committee through this orphanage patronize those unfortunate children who become orphans by the destiny of God whose lives have become miserable due to poverty.It has become the duty of the society to look after these unfortunate children by providing them shelter,food and education and means of life when they grew up.The C.M.M Orphanage has taken under their responsibility hundreds of orphans providing them shelter,food,clothing,healthcare and education both religious an modern beginning from the kindergarten primary,secondary education up to college level.For this purpose the committee was established school an colleges to providing them religious and modern educations including training the inmates of the orphanages boys and girls professional trainings so that they will become capable of undertaking any professions when they grow up.By this way the committee prepares through the orphanage and the various educational institutions competent and responsible citizen and individuals.Mr. Panakkad Sadique Ali Shihab Thangal is the chairman of the advisory board of this orphanage and Shaikuna Vavad P.K. Kunchikkoya Musliyar is the president of the committee.The orphanage is recognized by the orphanage co-ordination committee and Kerala State orphanage control board both are the official government bodies,and more than 300 numbers of orphans are there in this orphanage for the time being.

Our aim is To provide quality education, better healthcare, accommodation and vocational training to orphans and destitute and thereby providing better citizen to society and nation.

We providing * Free education from preschool to master degree * Dedicated and well trained Usthads and wardens Spiritual atmosphere and ideal campus for learning * Career opportunity in Islamic education, engineering, medical, law journalism and other branches according to student’s willingness and caliber * Well equipped hostel facilities.

The prophet once said; “ I and the one who takes responsibility for an orphan, whether of his own kin or of others, will be in paradise thus, “ and he pointed his forefinger and middle-finger with a slight space between them.